Data Ethics Lessons
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Our online Data Ethics course runs for approximately 65 minutes and broken into 8 easy-to-take lessons.

If necessary, it can be broken into shorter modules.

Each lesson is delivered as a single video, and can either be hosted by us for once-off or occasional training, or incorporated into your own training and LMS.

The course is non-technical and suited for all skill levels. It’s SCORM compliant and subtitles are available for each lesson (currently English only).

A test and certificate are also available.


Lesson 01


The opening lesson introduces the student to what they’re about to learn, including what ethics and data mean, how it can help in the workplace – from security and privacy benefits to brand and reputation – and how easy is to be data ethical.

The lesson runs for 11 minutes approximately



Lesson 02


In this lesson, we explain to students why data is so important to every business and organization, and for humanity, and how consumers can benefit from the ethical collection and use of data.

The lesson runs for 6.4 minutes approximately



Lesson 03


Lesson 3 explores why consumers are increasingly concerned about data collection and use, and how it impacts privacy, as well as how to solve potential data ethics dilemmas and conflicts that might arise in the workplace.

The lesson runs for 7.5minutes approximately



Lesson 04


Lesson 4 uses the growth of smart cities as an example of how data can help improve both the operation of the city and its residents, and at the same time create potential risks and conflicts if ethics are not a priority.

The lesson runs for 4 minutes approximately



Lesson 05


Lesson 5 explores the relationship between ethics and trust in the workplace and for every brand, how data ethics can help to fuel trust, and a dozen ways trust can improve the bottom line.

The lesson runs for 10 minutes approximately



Lesson 06


This lesson introduces students very briefly to the idea of the data supply chain or life cycle, and how to apply data ethics to ever stage of that life cycle – from decisions about what data is needed, to final disposal and beyond.

The lesson runs for 9 minutes approximately



Lesson 07


Lesson 7 introduces students to data ethics values, focusing on seven recognized values that can help students see data and data handling in a different, more ethical way.

The lesson runs for 8 minutes approximately



Lesson 08


Lesson 8 outlines more than a dozen simple ways employees can practice data ethics in their workplace, and why data ethics can be much easier than imagined simply because “being ethical” is second nature to humans.

The lesson runs for 9 minutes approximately



Upcoming lessons

We’re currently working on an additional suite of lessons, including more comprehensive training for data professionals and data analysts, as well as a lesson focused on data ethics challenges and opportunities when sharing data.