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Some of the world’s most respected business and technology leaders, from Warren Buffett and Marc Benioff to Cisco and IDC, have publicly championed the potent combination of ethics and trust as the #1 competitive advantage for every business.

And that one-two combo can also help prevent and mitigate data breaches.  


The New Employee Security Awareness

We believe that all organizations should be using data ethics training for all employees, and not just data scientists, as a way to manage security and privacy risks.

    It's a simple idea. If all employees are encouraged to see all data through an ethical lens, to always see the humans data represents, to take greater personal responsibility for data in their care, that could significantly reduce security and privacy mistakes. And because ethical companies are forgiven faster, a good data ethics program could also reduce the cost and impact of a breach.

    And there's an even bigger RoT (Return on Trust) because data ethics touches on everything that’s important to any business or workplace – brand, reputation, leadership, trustworthiness, sales, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, hiring and retention, workplace harmony, and perhaps most of all, breach prevention and mitigation.

    For your organization, a verifiable employee data ethics training program could provide an essential cushion in the event of that inevitable data breach or privacy breakdown. It's like banking forgiveness for future failures.

Training Topics

  • What is data ethics and why does it matter now more than ever?
  • The economic power and competitive advantage offered by data ethics.
  • Data ethics and trust, and the business benefits they can unleash when combined.
  • The business case for using data ethically.
  • Applying data ethics to the lifecycle of data.
  • Using data ethics to prevent and mitigate security and data breaches.
  • DEED - Data Ethics Every Day. Simple ways to practice data ethics in the workplace.
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Data Ethics in the Workplace is available as a collection of eight short videos, totaling just over 60 minutes, and supplemented by webinars, policies and documentation, newsletters, and a Data Ethics Champion Seal.


Simple and Transparent Pricing

Final PNG WhiteIt’s all in our name. Ethicause is as much a cause as it is a business, and we want to make sure our training is accessible and affordable for almost any business, regardless of budget.

So here goes. For our launch and for the foreseeable future, the entire Ethicause program is available for a single, one-time fee of $7,500.

    That means you get a perpetual license for the entire program. No additional charges, no per-seat or per-employee licensing, no complex contracts and commitments. Train as many as you like, as often as you like, anywhere you like. If you already have a Learning Management System, our videos will fit right in.

Included in the price will be:

  • Customization and branding of all eight videos.
  • Two on-demand and branded webinars to help kickstart data ethics discussions with your workforce.
  • A branded Data Ethics Code of Conduct.
  • A branded Pocket Guide to Data Ethics in the Workplace (5 pages, PDF format).
  • And help developing data ethics policies and statements.


Meet Your Instructor

Neal O'Farrell is an award-winning security and privacy expert who has spent nearly four decades in the global trust business. He's also one of the first experts to champion the value and importance of data ethics as part of every employee security awareness and breach prevention program. Meet him. 


Fans of Data Ethics

"In an era of data- and innovation-powered business growth, the idea that "everyone is in sales" should be complemented by the notion that "everyone is in ethics."
"Data ethics should be required training for all employees, regardless of role, because of the immense potential it offers for managing security and privacy risks and beyond."
Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer for Cymatic and former Chief Security and Privacy Officer for Intel.
“As FTC cracks down, data ethics is now a strategic business weapon.” 
Tech Crunch

“Trust has become the new battleground for digital success. To win, organizations need to master the fundamentals of data ethics. Companies that earn consumer trust will be better suited to weather the inevitable — and yes, they are inevitable — data and policy breaches.”

"A singular focus on security is not enough. While data ethics is a new area for most businesses, it must be a key consideration as organizations evaluate starting or continuing their digital transformation journeys."
MIT Sloan

“Organizations should begin taking steps now to reduce their exposure to digital risk by integrating a wide array of data ethics practices throughout their data supply chains.”

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