The Role of the Data Ethics Advocate
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As more organizations recognize the importance and value of data ethics to their success, expect to see a growth in the role of the external or internal Data Ethics Advocate or Officer.

And Ethicause is proud to be the first to create this unique role.

As your own Data Ethics Advocate, we can help steer you towards a more data-ethical workplace that can include:

  • Leading the conversations about data ethics in your organization, and focusing in particular on the practical relevance and implementation specific to your organization.
  • Helping to develop data ethics policies and procedures, and establishing your organization’s core positions and principals around the ethical collection, handling, and use of data.
  • Helping to develop and promote an organization-wide culture of data ethics.
  • Helping to develop data ethics communications and training strategies.


Data Ethics Advocate services can also include:

  • On-demand data ethics training for all employees, similar to employee security awareness training.
  • Role-specific training – for data scientists and analysts, legal and compliance, privacy, data security etc.
  • Monthly short webinars and updates, typically 20 minutes each, focusing on the latest developments and thoughts on data ethics, and new ideas and applications.
  • Advanced training and certification for specific employees or groups of employees.
  • A monthly ethics newsletter.
  • Email alerts and reminders on key ethics topics.
  • Social media and website monitoring

- To help identify unethical content.

- To help identify content that appears to be ethics washing.

- To identify opportunities to generate more ethical content.

  • Ethical content creation, to help communications and social media teams highlight stories and content that better reflect the organization’s commitment to ethics.